Derived from research with kids during a workshop at la Villa Noailles, the Rainbow Shades are unique and made in a limited production in my workshop. Characterised by a material experience, the chromatics possibilities are endless. Through the production method each shade is unique in colour composition. Perfect for kitchens, restaurants and bars, This surprising family of lights invites you to combine colours in rows and arrangements. As soft as marble, the Rainbow Shades are made with reinforced synthetic plaster.

Year: 2013
Production: Auto production
Material: Synthetic plaster
Photography: Julien Renault

If you need a specific range of colour or a specific quantity, I am able to produce the Rainbow Shades on demand for both private and architects projects. For any requests, advices or bigger architectural project (bar, restaurant, window, shop, ...) feel free to email us at info@julienrenaultobjects.com. Please find above, some examples of the Rainbow Shades in use