There are objects we often draw, from different views. This project didn’t come from those necessities. This object has come to me by chance. I was walking on the street, passing close to a construction site, when I found this brick. It had been cut lengthwise, therefore measuring only 8cm in height. I found it very nice in his proportions, colour, size and structure. It inspired me and reminded me of some still life paintings by Nathalie du Pasquier Instantaneously I used it like a pencil and tools holder. I liked the simplicity of this found object and re-designed it faithfully to its original shape. The prototype is made in moulded rubber. The object is recognizable; the shape is an archetype that everyone knows. The object is surprising by the use of a soft material yet sincere.

Year: 2011
Material: Silicone
Production: Prototype
Photography: Julien Renault