PARK Chair

A public bench is a quotidian object that is almost invisible. It is present wherever we are, in urban landscapes or in nature. It’s a basic piece of furniture that is comfortable, economical and in most cases anonym. The Park Chair is inspired by the basic idea of a collective piece of furniture by adapting them to her requirement and her domestic scale. By using this typology as a starting point for a wooden chair, my intention was to design a chair with an eye to a feasible mass production.The chair has a light and transparent structure and draws the outline of a recognisable object for everyone. The cabinetmaker’s quality lies in assembling and finishing. By using slats fixed on a simple structure the overall make one single entity in maplewood. It is a picture of a bench in a single version that is stackable and reduced in its form.

Year: 2012
Material: Mapple
Production: Prototype
Photography: Julien Renault